bumpandromance, 41 in Hatfield, Herefordshire

bumpandromance, 41 years old
5’6, dark red curly hair, blue eyes and i am what they call volumptuious! Like everybody I enjoy a good bump and grind but im also looking for someone to do some other things with because I do love a bit of romance and candlelit bubble baths so come on guys use your imagination. i know you have one lol

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boredwife1980, 40 in Leominster, Herefordshire

boredwife1980, 40 years old
joined this site coz im so bored with what im getting at home and need some extra fun if you know what I mean? nothing heavy or complicated though, just no strings ok? tell me about you and what you are looking for, make me wet and im yours!

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ladytitania1, 48 in Hereford , Herefordshire

ladytitania1, 48 years old
I have had a cpl of long term relationships & have now lived alone for 3 yrs.
Im ready to have fun meeting people and hope to meet someone who enjoys similar things to myself.
I enjoy fitness training, dancing, country walks & eating out.

I am quite family orientated but also love time for myself and even better to share it with a kind hearted, fun loving man who is a mans man but can also be in touch with his feminine side.

Its so important to be able to laugh together. I love to laugh doing the simplest of things, with the right person.

Over the years I have enjoyed experiencing a variety of activities and I still enjoy doing new things, so if your hobbies are not mine, thats fine. Either we can enjoy our own space or I might even have a go & find I like the same things as you.

My career has changed over the years, to accommodated changes in family circumstances. This has given me an understanding of the complexities around being career/ business focussed and having to run a home/ family.
Im glad to say that my life has now become a lot less complicated and although Im about to start a new little chapter, I find that I can now enjoy my job & work to live not live to work.

I have my own house & car.

I am physically attracted to tall broad men who have a well toned body with muscles but the most important thing to me is what I see in the eyes. The eyes are a window to the soul, so a genuine, warm open smile will make me melt every time.

A trendy man who takes care of his appearance and who smells good enough to eat will always catch my eye.

Please DONT mail or message me if you have a one line profile or no recent pics!!!

Fancy A chat over a drink in a relaxed pub or coffee house ?? It should be adequate to guage whether there is a spark or not. After that…. the skys the limit (well, I might take some persuading to go sky diving)!!!

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giveitall2u, 29 in Longtown, Herefordshire

giveitall2u, 29 years old
Happily married yet sometimes unhappy; Like most women, here to meet met who don\’t mind a good chat before the usual grind. Love a good conversation, and even better personality. If the above isnt ur calling, don\’t bother. If you want to know more, get tempted (or turned away) – come enjoy the ride x PS – Will defn not be replying to pictures of d!$s, sorry..

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notsoplain, 35 in Kington, Herefordshire

notsoplain, 35 years old
I think I look pretty good for my age carrying a few extra pounds but have a fair hourglass figure. I have most things I need in my life so don\’t want anything heavy. Only interested in single men as I don\’t want to crap on any other woman\’s parade as it were. I am a squirter when I come properly and I need a long buildup to get there. So you would need to be a able to accept that and be a stayer. Prefer circumcised men. Age range 30 to 50.

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doyousoon, 32 in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire

doyousoon, 32 years old
I am in need of a humorous, intelligent, sexy, caring, sexually adventurous man!! I Ideally, I would like to have a fun friend to hook up with at least a few times a week. Please, be hot have a car, a job, and be physically fit. Also, if you are into MFM action a you will go to the front of the line.
Please, provide a few photos, a description about what you’re into sexually, and anything else important that you would like me to know. I hope to be doing you soon.

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secretVaag, 34 in Hereford, Herefordshire

secretVaag, 34 years old
I am on here looking for some discrete fun and excitement which means I don’t want any hassle or repercussions! I have quite a kinky side, love trying new things and open to sugestions. you definately have to be very open minded if you wanna have fun with me. I can’t stress enough the need to be safe and secret about this as I can’t risk my other half finding out so please respect that. If you want to chat then reply and I might show you some private pics 😉

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freeandsingle, 29 in HEREFORD, Herefordshire

freeandsingle, 29 years old
Tired of being in a relationship that never works out for one reason or another, so while I am still young and free, why not have the fun now.My close friends say I am easy going, down to earth and always smiling. I just like to be happy no matter what I am doing. I am very sexual, but do play it safe. So, if my little intro here has peaked your interest, I would love to get to know you!

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