genuinehinckley, 35 in Hinckley, Leicestershire

genuinehinckley, 35 years old
im ugly and fat but i have a good sense of humour. if you can see past all that and want to spent some time with a down to earth girl then i am the girl for you. i am a fulltime mum so dont really have time for nothing else. my evenings are spent infront of the tv with my dog while my little lady sleeps xx

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boredmandy40, 40 in Hinckley, Leicestershire

boredmandy40, 40 years old
Hello, a little about me and what im looking for. I’m a bored lonely married lady looking for nsa fun and some attention from the opposite sex! Believe it or not I’ve never had anyone but my husband since being married so you can imagine the fantasies and needs i have! So I’m looking for a nice guy to play with and live some of those out with. I have put some pics up so you can see me, i hope you like them and can show me some of you too x

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nodramas, 47 in Hinckley, Leicestershire

nodramas, 47 years old
Pragmatic with a relaxed outlook to life with no games or drama.Yes – I know what type of site this is, but that certainly doesn\’t mean I\’m looking for loads of notches in the bedpost. Mental stimulation is as important as physical attraction – as is respect, both for yourself and others. A quirky sense of humour and highly developed sense of the ridiculous are also highly desirable traits! Just seeing what happens on here to be honest. I hope to meet some nice people, have a laugh and some fun of course. Also, text speak just makes you look illiterate and lazy. If you can\’t be bothered to compose a proper message why should you expect anyone to make the effort to reply?!

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