been2long_z, 29 in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear

been2long_z, 29 years old
Hi im Ellie, for one reason or another I have always been in a serious relationship and for the first time I find myself completely single and free so here to make the most of that! I just want to have some fun and try out a few things, nothing too weird though! Got a few pics although kinda hard to take them on my own (maybe you can do that for me?) Send me a message if you want to chat more xx

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connectwithme27, 27 in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear

connectwithme27, 27 years old
I’m looking no long-term expectations or commitments. I’m interested in guys who want to get to know the person and feel a connection, but without the pressure to be exclusive or transform the fun into anything serious. For me, sex is very much an exchange where you both dedicate your time to the experience of the other person, and making that experience as sensual, thrilling and pleasurable as you can x

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