brownAss, 28 in Mallaig, Highlands

brownAss, 28 years old
Hmmm… About Me? Where do i start? Sooo.. it\’s not about the simple pleasures of sex, but you could say i\’m looking to expand my horizons a lil. Always had a naughty side, but never been able to unleash the wild side much lol.. I\’m looking for experiences of the sinful indulgent kind ;D.. I\’m a kitten who wants to come out to be played with in the wild, with a free mind…Im with someone and simply looking for discreet , d&d clean , no strings attached play with a man/woman who could indulge in me.. entertaining my fantasies of being satisfied orally and through foreplay.. NOT looking for the intercourse side to things! … My current dirty thoughts involve a man who knows how to feel me, touch me, lick and suckme in places that are throbbin with desire! Mmmm… if u think you can fit the bill, get intouch!I live between midlands and west London, so am able to meet those around the two, aslong as you can accommodate all my horny needs ;-)… For the moment I\’m helping to seek out a man to treat my friend. She\’s hot (even post baby!) she\’s looking for the same thing I would – a man to indulge in her, to make her feel hot n sexy through giving her oral and foreplay only(!!) She\’s had a tough time recently, and even though she\’s attached, I\’m looking to find her someone who will focus his attention on her n to solely make her feel good… Any questions feel free to ask xx

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