samsam43uk1, 43 in Morecambe, Lancashire, UK

samsam43uk1, 43 years old
I’m married and the sex at home is just very vanilla. I love my husband, i’m not going to leave him for you or anyone else. But if you’re interested in just getting together and just fucking and stuff, let me know. I really need to be very discreet about all this, would not want anyone finding out so no face picture on here, if thats an issue then dont contact me!

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jen71kk, 43 in Morecambe, Lancashire

jen71kk, 43 years old
a little bit about me: im married, early 40s and have thought about doing this for some time but finally plucked up the courage as i have realised that life is too short and more importantly, the thought of doing it really turns me on! i really do not want to jeopardise my marriage so anything we do has to be secret. now its your turn, tell me about you xx

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boredwifey222, 34 in Morecambe, Lancashire

boredwifey222, 34 years old
Bored house wife, yes i know thats what they all say. Am looking for fun for a change with single males. I have had a few very good meetings, but am still relatively new to all of this. Will reply to emails from what I feel are genuine people, and the people who interest me. So please try and attempt to put some effort into what you are sending, cut & paste or a quick hi look at my profile does not quite cut it unfortunately.

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