letsgetbizzy, 29 in Needham Market, Suffolk

letsgetbizzy, 29 years old
tall slim but not to skinny sexy nice boobs and ready for you! I love sex very much I think it is the best thing in the whole world and I am willing to try anything with anyone at least once so get in touch if you are under 40 and willing to teach me a thing to two!

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banterbabeuk, 34 in Needham Market, Suffolk

banterbabeuk, 34 years old
Who Im Looking For …. A man who knows how to be a man, confident, respectful, challenging and intelligent. A physical requirement of a minimum of 5ft 10, clean and well presented. Someone who enjoys banter and humour and who is able to use creativity to maintain interest. Someone who would like to both want someone and feel wanted in return, without changing the horizon. Ideally you would be non-vanilla and enjoy the fun and responsibilities that that entails 😉 x

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alittledifferent, 39 in Needham Market, Suffolk

alittledifferent, 39 years old
I am approaching this skeptically in the hope that somewhere between the dick and ab shots there will be someone I find attractive.I have very specific taste in men, so please bear that in mind. I like the following: – a sharp wit – the ability to string together a coherent sentence – tall men, preferably 6ft or above – you should be on the lean side – you should dress well and care about your appearance – short, dark hair – you should be a nice guy (I don’t like dickheads) – shyness is good – tattoos are also good (not tramp stamps) – I like a bit of facial hair – you MUST be able to kiss properly as for me, I would say I approach the bedroom with passion and have a liking for non-vanilla sex

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