mysecret, 47 in Middlesex, NORTHOLT

mysecret, 47 years old
I’m looking for very select people to have erotic and fun, safe, and clean adventures with. I love guys who are in-shape (including you younger guys), clean, and well-adjusted. I’m also very attracted to women and I would love to hear from you girls out there. I would also be interested in the perfect group of two or more guys, but I’ve found that almost impossible to arrange… If I decide to share this part of myself with you, you will find me to be orgasmic,expressive,open-minded,athletic , and extremely energetic in bed. You’ll be experiencing a part of my life that would cause everyone I know (except my husband) to fall out of their chair if they knew, so discretion is very, very important to me. I have a very busy and full life, so please don’t be put off if I don’t respond immediately.

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