vivasciousvixen from RIPON, Yorkshire

vivasciousvixen, 43 years old
I’m an incorrigible flirt, have a wicked, often sarcastic sense of humour and have a penchant for married men…if you are a self proclaimed geek – better still…a brain is the biggest aphrodisiac…If you are married, solvent, intelligent and have an irreverent sense of humour, then feel free to contact me…I have a penchant for a married geek type……did I mention geek?I should also add that I’m not looking for a leg over or to give you a knee trembler (THOSE I can do every night should I so wish thanks to this site)…ultimately I’d expect to become a ‘fixture’ which will entail strings of a fashion if you understand the relationship between lover and mistress.Feisty…me? Hell yeah…I moderate MY groups,Pandora’s Box and La Vida Loca ,which are my main reasons for being on this site….I’m on a recruitment drive for the groups at the moment so if you receive a wink from me – it is my way of luring you towards tone of the groups!!!! Please do come on down and dip your toe in!It’s utterly FANTASTIC, great fun to take part in, full to the brim with humour, wit and drama. I have wonderful co moderators and between us we work our asses off to please most of the people some of the time.You have to be ‘in it’ to understand and appreciate it – but gosh it’s good fun.As with all good things, it takes darn hard work to make it work and we do tons behind the scenes. Other groups can only aspire to the wonderful wit, humour…so come on down and join the party!I’m really rather wonderful when you peel away the layers.If you want to make the BEST use of the site – I’d seriously recommend you come along and join in the fun! It’s a place to get to know like minded people, throw off the stresses of the day and revert to silliness and humour!What are you waiting for? Click on the link and come join in!!!I exist here to wreak havoc and have a giggle – both of which I am thoroughly enjoying…and do rather well!…and I write a blog… vivasciousvixen My Ideal Person: OK…I need to get this off my chest.*spelling *grammar *conversation *and the vague hint that you are after something a little more than treating a woman like a slab of meat are all VERY attractive to me…Whatever happened to going on a date?Wooing?A bunch of flowers?3 Mr. Kipling Angel Cake slices???…the devil is VERY much in the detail! What types of sexual activities turn you on?:Fetishes View more of vivasciousvixen’s responses

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