chloe__xx_1994LS2 9BS, 19 in Leeds , West Yorkshire

chloe__xx_1994LS2 9BS, 19 years old
Hi there thanks for checking out my profile 🙂
So I am a young, free and single girl looking for a like minded guy to get to know and then hopefully to lead to a meaningful relationship, I think you have to look further than the clubs if you wanna find that. Most guys I meet are only after one thing but Im looking for something special. Someone to be like my bestfriend who I can hang out with and have all the fun in the world with what ever we happen to be doing.

So i would consider myself a really easy person to get along with; Im incredibly friendly, caring and laid back. I like going out, having fun and a good laugh but i also enjoy lazy days like just snuggling up in bed in my pjs watching a film with a tub of cookie dough ice cream (mmmm!) 🙂

I have a pretty busy life at the mo with my studies but when theyre over id love to travel round the world someday, experience different cultures and see the sights.

like all films but my faves have to be the old classics like back to the future, ghost busters, dirty dancing, the karate kid, indiana jones, the terminator, ghost, jurassic park. i love all kindsa music but mostly im a rock/indie kinda chick ^-^ i like bands like the killers, greenday, paramore, pendulum, kings of leon lostprophets, 30h!3, all time low, bring me the horizon, the XX, muse, breaking benjamin, brokencyde, cobra starship, N.E.R.D hot action cop… 🙂 ohh and owl city, I loved them before they were famous! I actually kinda liked liking a band that nobody else had heard of… darn you radio pop culture 😛

I like guys who say cheesey things to me, so come on bring it on Mr. Cheddar ;D

But enough about me tell me more about you 🙂

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