Kydarlyn, 47 in Plymouth, Devon

Kydarlyn, 47 years old
Im an F1 fan with Lewis Hamilton being my man.. Have a dally that I adore mainly cos shes likes me a lil dotty at times but in a nice way!! Love taking her to the woods or beach and enjoying nature. Not really a tv kinda girl but music is my thing.. as long as I have tunes.. Im happy!!! Into most music except country n opera.. Pink is my fav female artist, thinks shes awesome, saw her live last year. This year Im off to see Usher, Enrique and Take That (yes Ive been converted) lol! Favourite films tend to be dance movies..but do like the Vin Diesel movies too!

Looking only for genuine guys.. I can get players anytime but tend to be choosy cos i have more respect for myself that that…

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