Sarah4t, 43 in Plymouth, Devon

Sarah4t, 43 years old
Hi my name is Sarah Im a cross dresser. I consider myself to be a Lesbian in a mans body, I am smooth all over and love makeup, sexy clothes and being as feminine as I can. I am a very highly sexed, fun loving, caring and sensitive person , I love to experiment with food the messier the better(its great fun) so come on girls and get the best of both worlds, oh and I forgot to mention I love shopping for clothes too.
Thanks to all the girls that have complimented me so far x

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amanda2u_1976PL3, 37 in Plymouth, Devon

amanda2u_1976PL3, 37 years old
Anyone whom wants to embark on a conversation with me will discover Im a confident, positive, humorous and an intelligent woman with the ability to communicate. My preference would be to talk with you on a one to one basis and let the level of communication and repertoire speak for itself. Be respectful. It is best that we do not waste each others time. I may ask to talk with you through chat on or Skype. This is for intial communication, Im not looking a pen friend !
Please do not ask for my face book details unless i have offerd, i feel this to is personal at the start, I only like to share my happenings with those whom i am close to and have never desired 100s of friends whom i not even overly familar with in my life.

I am attracted to men with manners, so please be a real gentleman or click on the next profile.
Please, no need for you to brag about what you do, can do and what you have. You can leave that to more shallow minded women.

Im very open to all ethnicities and nationalities,people sizes,height or weight although age from 30 upwards preferd….
This girl here believes her man could be anywhere, never ruling anything out.

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Kydarlyn, 47 in Plymouth, Devon

Kydarlyn, 47 years old
Im an F1 fan with Lewis Hamilton being my man.. Have a dally that I adore mainly cos shes likes me a lil dotty at times but in a nice way!! Love taking her to the woods or beach and enjoying nature. Not really a tv kinda girl but music is my thing.. as long as I have tunes.. Im happy!!! Into most music except country n opera.. Pink is my fav female artist, thinks shes awesome, saw her live last year. This year Im off to see Usher, Enrique and Take That (yes Ive been converted) lol! Favourite films tend to be dance movies..but do like the Vin Diesel movies too!

Looking only for genuine guys.. I can get players anytime but tend to be choosy cos i have more respect for myself that that…

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Lexiipoos, 30 in Plymouth, Devon

Lexiipoos, 30 years old
Im a 28 year old single mom. A hopeless romantic with a fun streak. I wanna find some guy to love me the way i could love them someone funny and passionate and definately not full of themself .

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LL4sex, 23 in Plymouth, Devon

LL4sex, 23 years old
My name is lisa and I LOVE SEX!!!!!! Especially stood up and bent over being thrown backwards and forwards! I also I have a few dildos what keep me company at night. I love that viberating on my clit, you men over 30/ don\’t be getting yourself to hard over this, that is my age limit! Don\’t waste time boys 😉

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