Dogging tips for beginners

Dogging is completely different from going to a sex party! For a start, you don’t need an invite, simply find a suitable location that you know will be popular with doggers in the UK and turn up! But if you want your evening to be a success then you really need to know the Dogging basics:

Dogging is a very informal activity but that doesn’t mean there are no dogging rules so best to follow this advice and feel comfortable that you won’t make any mistakes or behave behave badly!

Dogging is enjoyed at night and a lot of the locations are usually family areas in the daytime. If you do some basic research online you will discover various local spots and when the best times to visit are. If you attend at the suitable times then you won’t get into trouble with the law, neighbours or with visiting families.

You should always that you are clean and fresh beforehand and you have taken the correct items with you such as baby wipes, issues, lubricant, condoms and maybe some warm clothing. You should also dress appropriately, if you are female maybe wear a skirt with no underwear for easy access and minimal fumbling in the dark! Remember, you are outdoors so it maybe muddy or wet, keep this in mind when choosing footwear.

When you arrive at the location you will need to give a good indication to other doggers that you want them to join you or if you just want you or them to watch. It’s very important that you always respect the privacy of other doggers and look for their signs before you take any action. If you are staying in your car then flashing your headlights or leaving the interior light on is a popular indication to other doggers that you are there to play. Another popular indication is a rolled down window or open door so others can get closer and join you if required.

Above all, your personal safety is paramount. Always put your wallet and mobile phone away in the glove compartment; never leave anything lying around on the car seat. If you are worried privacy or repercussions then then it is always best to use a sex contact site like to find other doggers. So, to sum up, keep safe, do your research, know your limits, try new things if you feel like it, respect others and you will have a great time dogging in the UK!