sexandmore4me, 24 in Oswestry, Shropshire, UK

sexandmore4me, 24 years old
i am 21 and looking for some fun. im a laid back kind of person. anything goes…etc. i am attached but not at the hip. i do my own thing. i am into lots of things sexually, but im not looking for strictly sex. i dont have the perfect body, but i love my curves and i appreciate a man who likes his lady with something to grab on to. i do my own thing. no drama. i got enough already. i have an age limit. i dont want to feel like im fuckin my daddy!

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helpmeplay, 42 in OSWESTRY, Herefordshire

helpmeplay, 42 years old
Im not very good with talking about myself..But.. I\’ll give it a try…Im kinda hoping to get out and make a few new friends.. Im old at heart.. Im not much of a party-er..?..Simple terms I\’m kinda a hermit.. I like staying inside watchin movies, and just relaxin.. I dont get to very often tho because.. I work soo much.. which im hoping to cut back after the first of the year.. hopefully..Its beginning to get to me. . Well I suppose if you really wanted to get to know me you\’d Message me.. Huh

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